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Gig Harbor Driveways


If you are looking for some of the best Gig Harbor driveways, look for Chenoweth Construction. A driveway is the first impression of your property as it is the first thing people see when they approach your property – whether that property is your home or your business, commercial or light commercial site. If done right, driveways not only add value to your property but also make a statement.

Our Gig Harbor driveways are durable and aesthetically pleasing. And if that is not enough to impress you, our Gig Harbor driveways are constructed as per your specified design and budget. So, while we do all the hard work on providing you with the necessary assistance on designing and installing your Gig Harbor driveways, you just have to sit back and relax.

If you are interested in Gig Harbor driveways, you may also be interested in exploring the following services that our company offers:

  • Curbing
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Design stamp finish
  • Hard trowel installation
  • Concrete finishes
  • Sand finish

Want to know more about driveways? Get a quote for updating or constructing Gig Harbor driveways. Call Chenoweth Constructiontoday at (253) 300-3056.

Gig Harbor Driveway Installation


Your Gig Harbor driveway installation is more important than you think. People often ignore or underestimate the value of having a clean and impressive driveway. But those who know how important your Gig Harbor driveway installation is for establishing your first impression to your guests, visitors, or customers, choose Chenoweth Construction for our excellent workmanship.

Our Gig Harbor driveway installation contractors never compromise on quality no matter what your budget or timeline is. We believe in over-delivering when it comes to quality and durability. We also believe in lifetime quality of our Gig Harbor driveway installations because our customers are lifetime customers.

Besides Gig Harbor driveway installations, we offer all kinds of concrete services including:

  • Non-decorative concrete work
  • Concrete flatwork installations
  • Retaining walls installation
  • Concrete removal services
  • Concrete foundation installations
  • Patio installations

When should we book your appointment for Gig Harbor driveway installation? Call us now for a free estimate at Chenoweth Construction:(253) 300-3056

Gig Harbor Driveway Contractors


At Chenoweth Construction, we take pride in the work done by our Gig Harbor driveway contractors. Known for their superior quality of craftsmanship, our Gig Harbor driveway contractors value your design requirements for your home or street driveways and offer you feasible solutions.

Although choosing the right company to select reliable Gig Harbor driveway contractors may be an exhausting task, it is better to choose a company that is known for its high quality of concrete work and dedicated Gig Harbor driveway contractors. At Chenoweth Construction, we have a super long list of satisfied customers with well-built homes, offices, and specially driveways. Not only do we have some of the most competent Gig Harbor driveway contractors who come up with the most aesthetically pleasing and inviting driveways, we also provide:

  • Patio contractors
  • Garage floor contractors
  • Dirt work contractors
  • Retaining wall installation
  • Concrete removing contractors
  • Non-decorative concrete contractors

Driveways are important as they can make or break your first impression. Contact Chenoweth Construction for a free estimate on hiring our Gig Harbor driveway contractors.

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