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Gig Harbor Grading


Proper grading is essential to ensure that any work done afterwards is there to stay, rather than be susceptible to unforeseen troubles related to an unsecure base. Chenoweth Construction offers Gig Harbor grading services, working to our own high standards, with keen attention to detail, we will provide you with a solid base to begin the next phase of work. Justin and the team are grading professionals, offering top class work at an affordable rate.

Some of the Gig Harbor grading services offered by Chenoweth Construction are as follows:

  • Landscape Grading
  • Garden Grading
  • Driveway Grading
  • Surface Drainage Grading

Make sure you do not overlook the crucial first step in your Gig Harbor construction work. Make sure your Gig Harbor Grading is completed to a high standard to ensure a successful build afterwards. Make sure you call Chenoweth Construction for Gig Harbor grading.

For all your Gig Harbor Grading needs, be sure to contact Chenoweth Construction. (253) 300-3056

Gig Harbor Construction Grading


To be certain any new build or project stands its best chance of being a lasting feature, proper construction grading is essential. This provides you with a good solid base on which to begin your work. Poor quality construction grading can lead to cracks in a foundation, water damage and general weakening of a structure. That is why you should always be sure that your Gig Harbor Construction grading is done by competent professionals such as Chenoweth Construction. Expert staff equipped with the proper tools, working to a concise plan, Gig Harbor construction grading has never sounded so easy!

Professional Gig Harbor Construction Grading done by Chenoweth Construction will be guaranteed to provide you with a:

  • Level Base
  • Specified Slope
  • Solid Construction Work Foundation
  • Solid Base for Roads

Chenoweth Construction provides all manner of Gig Harbor construction grading services, with no job too big or too small for our team of professionals. Quality construction grading workmanship such as this is guaranteed to provide a foundation that will last a lifetime!

If you need Gig Harbor Construction Grading, Chenoweth Construction is the company you need! Call today on (253) 300-3056.

Gig Harbor Construction Grader


Getting a construction grader who can do the job is sometimes tough. But not to worry, Chenoweth Construction are here to save the day. We can provide you with an expert Gig Harbor construction grader for any of your grading needs. Since beginning operations in 2005, our trained staff have been found wherever there is a need for a Gig Harbor Construction Grader. A professional construction grader is essential to give you the best possible base to build on, all great things start with a solid foundation. Without this they are likely to crumble. Make sure your project does not crumble, have Chenoweth Construction provide your Gig Harbor construction Grader.

Chenoweth Construction are one of the best in the business, we will provide a construction grader who will work to:

  • Ensure a Level Base
  • Ensure a Specified Slope
  • Ensure proper Drainage
  • Ensure a solid foundation

If you are looking for a professional Gig Harbor Construction Grader, then you need look no longer! Chenoweth Construction is the company you have been searching for. Professional. Affordable. Not overpriced.

Looking for a Gig Harbor Construction Grader? Call Chenoweth Construction ASAP on (253) 300-3056.